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Russian Fluent
English Upper intermediate (B2)
Full time Contact

Build an effective design team, create design processes. Create a design of any complexity and profile.

Services Prices from
Full time $ 3600
Management design teams
Creating design
Making design pipeline
Exhibitions Contact

I will create a visual idea and concept of your exhibition, taking into account the location, business goals and target audience.

Services Prices from
3D Stand $ 1400
Marketing / ads items $ 700
Prints $ 500
Web design Contact

I specialize in one-page sites with static content, I do not create database sites, stores, web applications

Services Prices from
Landing design code & design $ 1000
Landing page design $ 500
Landing page codes $ 300
NFT Contact

I will create generative or unique nft for your collection, using different techniques and styles. All terms are negotiated separately

Services Prices from
Numbers of parts Depends
Animated Depends
2D Depends
3D Depends
Brand identity Contact

I create a corporate identity based on the brand attributes and strategy of the company and the analysis of the target audience, analyzing the product, consumers and activities of the company. If you just need a picture, ask another designer.

Services Prices from
Brandbook / Branch books / Guidelines $ 1200
Logotype / fonts / patterns $ 1200
Communications Depends
Illustrations Depends
Metaverse Contact

Creating locations in metaverses for events.

Services Prices from
Concept or directing $ 500
3D modeling $ 1000
Animation Depends
Pitch-Decks Contact

Creating presentations for investors, speeches, mailings. Creating a style for the presentation or work in the specified style

Services Prices from
Pitch deck page $ 120
Illustration/ $ 100
Logotype / fonts / patterns $ 300
Pages tempaltes |page $ 100
One page Contact

Создам рекламную или нвестиционную страницу о вашем стартапе проекте, в вашей или в своей стилистике

Services Prices from
Your style $ 200
My style $ 300
Small illusttration $ 150
Web version $ 350
Illustrations Contact

Creating illustrations in any style and technique

Services Prices from
Lottie illustration $ 250
Vector illistration $ 260
3D Illustration $ 250
2D art illustration $ 300
Mobile app design Contact

I will create a design system or use yours, think through the user experience and take into account the goals of the business

Services Prices from
UI kit $ 600
One screen $ 260
Icons $ 150
Other devise $ 300
UI Contact

I will create an interface design based on your ux layout, solving your business problem

Services Prices from
UI kit $ 600
One screen $ 260
Icons $ 150
Other devise $ 300
UX Contact

I will study your customers, conduct research and build the logic of the interface to solve the goals of users and business

Services Prices from
1 UX research $ 350
Person creation $ 300
Prototypes $ 300
Consulting Contact

I will analyze your problem and provide solutions.

Services Prices from
Design review $ 500
Design management consulting $ 1000
Product support $ 1500
EXTRA Contact

The starting price for additional services is indicated. Depending on the project and task, the cost may be higher.

Services Prices from
Weekend day $ 320
Night $ 100 h
Speed up Depends
Another version Depends